Our Ethos


When we say we're a slow fashion brand, we’re talking about the way we work. Our priorities? Keeping the community of talented seamstresses we work with busy in their workshops – and preventing landfill.



Saint Jane Clothing - Ethical Fashion Australia - Bali Workshop



How you help 

When you shop with Saint Jane, you become a part of a bigger picture. Quite simply, we couldn’t employ the people we do, support the charities we support and produce the clothes that we make – in the sustainable and ethical way we do ­– without your custom.



Our community 

We’ve established a tight-knit community between the Saint Jane seamstresses and their teams. The ladies we employ work wonders with our design ideas, translating what we love and what we think will work for you into pieces you'll wear time and time again.


We love going to see everyone and visiting the workshops – and we have a WhatsApp group that’s alive with messages, new design ideas and inspirations – and updates on our latest orders to help us keep in touch between trips.


" We take great delight in playing a part in supporting others and believe that the way we manufacture each piece in our range is the only way to work. Saint Jane is part of a solution – and, when you shop with us, you’re a part of that too.”

     Allegra and Gabi Jackson, Founders of Saint Jane




Saint Jane Clothing - Ethical Fashion - Bali Workshop Photo




How we work

"All our clothes are made with what the fashion industry calls deadstock. In simple terms, deadstock is the fabric that's leftover at the end of a line, or it's design house offcuts or perhaps the result of cancelled orders. Either way, most deadstock is destined to become yet more landfill. Which is where we step in."

 Allegra Jackson, Co-founder of Saint Jane


Working this way and using deadstock means we can give the fantastic cotton and linen we source a new lease of life. And it means we keep our runs short.


So, we never have huge amounts of excess stock – and we don't create waste.


Of course, it also means that once a style in a particular fabric is gone – it's gone, which means the clothes you buy from us are limited editions.


We’re also working hard to lighten our footprint on the planet by improving our packaging and, where possible, using natural dyes to protect the water systems.



Our working standards

Throughout our manufacturing processes, strict standards are in place that ensure fair wages and safe working conditions.



Moving the Needle

Moving the Needle is a movement of brands and customers all working together to create long term behavioural change and reduce the amount of textile waste that goes to landfill.


"Australians discard six tonnes of clothes every ten minutes. With over 550 textile drop-off points throughout our network, ensuring your clothing doesn't go to landfill has never been easier. Our charity partners will sort and sell the donated clothing through their store networks, extending their life and keeping textiles out of landfill."

          Moving the Needle


Moving the Needle is committed to making a difference. Changing the conversation about what we do with our textiles at the end of their life with us.


As a sustainable Australian fashion brand, we wanted to demonstrate Saint Jane’s commitment to this cause – and play our part in the reduction of fabric going to landfill. We signed the Moving the Needle brand pledge in 2019.



Thread Together 

In addition to our pledge with Moving the Needle, we donate both time and stock to Thread Together, a charity that's driving social change through environmental action. 


Thread Together sends brand new clothing to people in need all over Australia, helping restore people’s dignity and getting them back on their feet. 


Thread Together's work has been vital, both in the aftermath of the devastating 2019 Australian bush fires and in the face of Covid-19. To date, the charity has helped thousands of people.


As active patrons of Thread Together, we volunteer with the team at the charity's warehouse.


"Anthony and his team are not only inspiring but a lively and friendly bunch. They're always on the lookout for more helping hands, whether it be for an hour or a half-day to help sort all new donated stock in their Sydney warehouse. We can vouch for the fact that working there is a great team bonding experience. It’s definitely something to consider if you're tired of corporate go-karting events."

Allegra Jackson, Saint Jane



“Just as when you buy something from us, you help us keep our seamstresses in employment – you also help us to support the work done by Anthony and his team at Thread Together. It makes us feel good to know we’re making a difference – and hope you feel a part of that too because we couldn’t do it without you.”

Gabi Jackson, Saint Jane



Why we do what we do

Our commitment as a business is to quality, comfort and style – and to sustainable, ethical and slow fashion.

We're all about reducing landfill while creating beautiful dresses and stylish jumpsuits you'll want to wear for much more than one season. 


"Hi Ladies, I recently purchased your Raffa dress and the Allegra jumpsuit. Wow, the fit was so perfect and just what I was looking for travelling etc. Can't wait to buy more."

           Cass, Palm Beach



"We absolutely love our Saint Jane dresses and jumpsuits they are so comfortable - perfect to just throw on for an effortless but complete look. The adjustable straps make the outfits totally versatile, which is great for tall girls like us."

        Imi and Nat, London



Spread the Saint Jane joy 

The Saint Jane ethos is to pack less and wear more. Not only is a less is more approach better for our planet, but it also frees you from the weight of packing outfit after outfit when you travel. Simply pull on one of our jumpsuits or throw a shift dress over your bikini and you're ready to go. 


We design and hand make our pieces to be both versatile and durable. So, they become a well-loved and well-worn part of your wardrobe.


And, if you've had your fill of one of our pieces? We encourage you to pass it on – and any other clothes you no longer wear – to your friends and family or to charities to help combat landfill. 



Pre-ordering with Saint Jane

We're not a fast-fashion brand, which means we don't change our styles at the flick of a switch. Instead, we're always developing our existing lines – adding new fabrics, working with the effects of different stitching. The little things that will make you feel fabulous and turn heads for all the right reasons. 


We know that pieces like our Tango jumpsuit or our Beatriz dresses are always in demandSo, if you'd like to place a pre-order or join our waitlist for a piece to be back in stock, please get in touch with us at sales@saintjane.com.au




Whether it's about our manufacturing processes, our designs or our sizing. We're here to help and would love to hear from you, as Rosie says:


"The team are absolutely lovely and willing to help you with absolutely anything! Xx"

          Thank you to Rosie, Melbourne



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