Airport Ease (part 1)

Airport Ease (part 1)

Why we started making dresses. There are 3 main reasons, this is one of them.

 It’s not the most glamorous story, in fact it's quite disastrous, but there's a sprinkling of glam to it. 

As pre-Covid frequent flyers we are pretty used to getting on long haul flights, enjoying a few drinks, a few movie laughs and having a nap. But there is one of us, and it's not A, that has a passion for the tiny sausages they serve for plane breakfasts. It was on one fateful trip to Abu Dhabi after landing and needing to get the bus to the terminal where things went awry. A combination of the 40+ degree heat smacking you in the face and the movement of a jolty overcrowded bus ended up with three women (of which I was one) having half-digested mini sausages on them. I was standing and then feeling faint, could have been embarrassment, then keeled over whilst the 2 women whose chest, feet and hand luggage I had just kamikazed on were pouring water over me, fanning and wiping me down. 

I was then immediately whisked to the medical centre to get cleared for travel as they were obviously very concerned of anything contagious floating around their airport. It was here that my travel partner made me admit  that I had had one too many sausages on board *and left out the pre flight bubbles.

 The saving grace (hard to imagine one) was the dress I was wearing. I was able to go into the disabled toilet (can't be walking around in your knickers in a UAE public restroom), wash my dress (and myself) in the sink, use the air dryer and voila!, a revived dress in just 6 minutes, which was great because our connecting flight was in 30 so I had enough time to grab some aspirin and run to the gate where I was temp checked again and given the thumbs up.

 +The glam part is that this same dress was worn straight off another flight that holiday into Mykonos where it was seen dancing on a table next to Lindsey Lohan but that’s for another time, and probably not because I was only told after the fact and too many margaritas. 

 This dress turned into the first prototype for Saint Jane. So when people ask why we started making dresses we say it's because we needed a good travel dress that can be easily washed in a sink and then worn out to dinner (but we don’t mention the sausages!)

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