A photoshoot in paradise

A photoshoot in paradise
A photoshoot in paradise

4:00am: Alarm goes off
5:30am: Greet beautiful model who looks fresh as a daisy whilst you put on so much mascara your eyelashes are sticking to your eyelid
Hair and Make up is applied by a Russian angel who does not mind the 'rushing around' jokes
6:30am: Hit the beach, find the boat, load up new collection and pray our only samples don't capsize
8:00am: Incredible photographer braves the wild seas and after 4 outfits we return to shore to sip on coke to ease the 'quease'. The amazing model has no quease because she grew up deep sea fishing, of course..

The shoot continues in caves, bamboo back drops and anything that can dodge the early tourists starting to descend on the beach. And then it's over. We hug, we cheer, we collapse on a beach lounger coconut in hand. What a day, and it's only 11am. 

That's Bali. Things move quickly, the weather is constantly changing and you have to capture every moment before it disappears. You negotiate with a local to use his wooden bench in the photoshoot. After much discussion he finally agrees. 5 minutes in he requests you stop using his bench.



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